You’re facing a new generation of ICT security challenges,
with social media, mobile devices in the workplace and cloud computing, all carrying with them new risks.
We can help you overcome these challenges with our portfolio of security solutions.

A new kind of IT end user in the workplace requires a new approach to ensuring network and data integrity and security. Times have changed,
with IT departments now needing to be most concerned about distributed data and unauthorized apps rather than viruses and denial-of-service attacks.

Our security portfolio is designed to help you enjoy the benefits of increased mobility, while protecting yourself against its risks.
We offer a complete solution suite of professional services,
including consulting, integration, auditing and on-demand security management to help you take a strategic approach.

Take on today’s security challenges

We take a flexible approach that recognizes that your needs are evolving, allowing us to ensure you always have the right security in place.

√ approach to provide you with the right security solutions for your needs
√ expert service on hand from 400 security consultants, eight Security Operations Centers (SOC) and 15 Research and Development centers
√ more than 15 years’ experience and expertise in enterprise security provision
√ security support provided in over 166 countries
√ in excess of 500 global security customers

Security expertise

With the acceleration of enterprise mobility, the adoption of multiple devices and increasingly demanding end-users,
IT security has become very complex. Our 400 consultants, eight security operations centers and 15 research and development facilities provide the knowledge and expertise to help you meet your network security challenges,
while enjoying the business benefits of increased mobility.


As your business grows, you need your network and information security systems to grow with you.
We offer a choice of integrated, managed and cloud-based security solutions to provide the protection your data, network and customers need.
Our consultants work with you throughout the process to help you make informed and pertinent decisions.

Extensive support

Our global network of expert consultants and support services in over 166 countries provides many years of experience in specifying, implementing and maintaining market-leading security solutions on a global scale.
We provide trusted network infrastructure and back it up with support delivered in local languages around the world.