Innovate and be competitive with M2M

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications can help your business create new revenue streams and drive innovation. With our end-to-end approach,
we create customized M2M solutions for your industry, incorporating network, integration and applications.

Connectivity is transforming the world of business – and not just communication between people.
More and more machines, devices and systems are becoming connected through fixed and mobile networks to create the Internet of Things.
It is a massive undertaking: analysts estimate that 50 billion devices will be online by 2020.

Through M2M communications, devices can exchange data automatically in real time without human intervention.
This can drive innovation, create new revenue streams,
shorten product cycles, increase agility and reduce costs. Areas where M2M can play a key role in your business include:


To help you take advantage of M2M in your business, we design flexible solutions that are customized to your specific requirements.
We take end-to-end responsibility for your M2M projects from design and planning,
through delivery and installation, to solution testing and ongoing management.

Our tailored solutions accommodate different technologies and system architectures and incorporate connectivity,
integration services and application development.
The on-going management of the solution is done through our connectivity and device management platforms.
We also adapt to specific business and sector requirements by partnering with industry specialists.

vertical solutions

We find that a vertical approach suits M2M development and, with that in mind,
we have enabled a variety of solutions for different business sectors. These include:

automotive:smart car navigation systems, emergency and breakdown call services, infotainment,
engine monitoring, stolen vehicle tracking, insurance telematics services
utilities: smart metering (water, electricity, gas) and smart grid
transport & logistics: asset management, fleet management and routing, intelligent transport systems
security:remote security management (home/office), access control, light automation, intrusion detection, fire detection
consumer electronics: personal navigation devices, e-readers, home appliances, digital cameras and framework
commerce & retail: ATM, point-of-sale devices, displays