3 reasons to choose Carso Business Services

⇒      Global delivery

With delivery capabilities in more than 212 countries and territories, we can provide you with the same consistent level of service globally.
We enable new workspaces with globally-supported solutions to keep your business collaborating and being more productive.

⇒     Comprehensive solution

At Carso GLobal We offer and manage all the solutions required to deliver the new workspace. This includes unified communications, mobility, videoconferencing, and cloud services.
We can help you increase productivity, become truly globally collaborative and drive worker satisfaction.

⇒     Innovation

We are a recognized market leader in delivering new workspaces,
and our innovative focus in this area will continue to bring you new solutions and products.

Build your ideal working environment

How much time does your team spend working in their offices? Compare this to how long they spend in meetings, traveling and at clients’ premises.
Are they using your company devices or their own personal smartphones? At Carso, we understand you can’t always sit still, so we won’t tie you down.

With Layer 8 Identity-based policies, Carso GLobal offers strong protection while retaining business flexibility based on work profiles.
By providing comprehensive security over a single appliance, it minimizes capital and operational expense and simplifies security implementation.