Business Continuity

facing exceptional events

Our connected world offers a promise to end users, enabling them to access services from any device anywhere. It presents a challenge,
however, for multinational corporations as they expand into high-growth markets,
especially companies with important parts of their business based in remote locations,
such as oil & mining, shipping and air transportation companies.

Whatever the timing or cause of a crisis, keeping your business running will require rapid analysis,
decisive action and timely communications–locally, regionally and internationally.

our answer: three pillars

Carso has a history of accompanying its customers in all geographies as a single global provider over a wide range of business needs.
We are very aware of the critical role we play in enabling essential business communications for our customers,
and our business continuity plan ensures that we maintain our services to you in all situations to protect your business and minimize the impacts of any crisis that might arise.

Crisis situations can only be addressed with clear awareness and strong experience,
and a long-term and continuously reviewed strategy in terms of investments in infrastructure, tools, staff training and tests.
Our business continuity plan is built on three pillars: people, infrastructure & equipment and processes.


Throughout our five Major Service Centers (MSCs) in Brazil, Egypt, France, India and Mauritius, each of our staff members has received a minimum of two days training, and that training is refreshed regularly.

In crisis situations, our first focus is on our staff and their families. Managers constantly liaise with staff and Carso headquarters to address initial basic needs, welfare and advice: evacuation, accommodation, food and cash.

Depending on the nature of the crisis, we also ensure our staff can work without exposure to further dangers:

• logistics management for safe travel to/from home or staying on site
• teleworking by providing satellite connections, phones, etc.

infrastructure and equipment

During disruptive events, we take full benefit of the most diverse infrastructure available to ensure the continuity of our communications services.

Our stringent network design rules enable strong infrastructure resiliency:

• physical path diversity, including submarine cable systems, satellite connectivity and terrestrial infrastructure
• network path control to ensure automatic traffic rerouting
• high focus on round trip delay and stringent latency management


At Carso, a dedicated global business continuity management team is in charge of both the business continuity plan readiness and anticipation.
Business continuity management is an everyday exercise, requiring reports, audits, maintenance, training and continuous improvement. Our operations have an embedded discipline of process management,
and our Major Service Centers are certified ISO 9K/20K/27K/14K and are aligned with ITIL best practices.

Our Major Service Centers are key assets when facing challenges, with the ability to back each other up when required.
Using common tools, skills and global processes,
they can switch part or all of their activities from one to another and balance capabilities between them, based on the circumstances.