About Us

Incorporated in 2015, Carso Global Telecom India Pvt Ltd is a public global
Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business
Transformation. A comprehensive set of IP based software solutions (10+), coupled
with a wide range of IT services, and uniquely positions the company to address the
dynamic requirements of a variety of industry verticals, predominantly Markets, Asset
& Wealth Management. Furthermore it offers solutions to the government,
manufacturing, distribution, and telecom.

The Company has a very strong foothold and customer base in geographies like Asia,
Middle East and Africa, India, China and North America.
The Company is also focused on value added services such as business intelligence &
analytics services, infrastructure management services, testing & compliance,
application development & maintenance, consulting and its BPO offerings.

The Company, headquartered in New Delhi, India has over 850 employees in more than 20 offices across 6 countries and over 300 customers in more than 50
countries across 5 continents. At Carso Global, we see Innovation as a clear differentiator. Innovation, along with focus on deep, long-lasting client
relationships and strong domain expertise, drives every facet of our dayto- day operation.